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3D Printing (DDD, SSYS, XONE, VJET) It’s Over

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On January 19, I called the end of the 3D printing hysteria. Since then, Andrew Left at Citron put out another short report on DDD, DDD warned  and the entire space has crumbled. Here are the stock prices then versus today:

DDD Return 02 05 14

Dare I say candy did indeed mark the top?

P.S. These stocks are going lower. Much lower. But rallies will inevitably come so manage your positions like a professional.

Boston Beer Company (SAM) CEO Cashing Out

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About a week ago, I wrote SAM up as a short. It’s worth pointing out that Martin Roper, SAM’s CEO, has been selling hand over fist: over $32MM in options exercises and stock sales so far in 2014. Isn’t that a curious thing?

SAM Insider Sales 02 05 14

Zynga (ZNGA) Changes the Game

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Two weeks ago I made the case for going long ZNGA. This view was contingent on a few things happening: ZNGA coming out with a hit title or announcing layoffs to streamline their cost structure. Surprisingly, the company’s announcement 4 trading days ago accomplished both in one fell swoop. While I was admittedly shocked the company choose to make a large acquisition given their disastrous M&A history (the NaturalMotion deal was $527MM; nearly $400MM of which was paid in cash), after a bit of digging I experienced a 180 degree shift in my opinion. There are a few reasons I think this acquisition is a game changer for the company:

Calico Resources (CVE: CKB) Downside Realized

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An email I just received from Buck – the CEO of Calico Resources – is all one needs to know. Looks like Rockstar will not proceed with the purchase and the downside case is realized.

We have issued a press release regarding RockStar. They did not make the second payment.

– Buck