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A Confluence of Events

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A confluence of events means ideas from Buyside Notes are going to be few and far between over the next six weeks:

  1. I’m off to visit Company X (note here) which continues to provide a compelling risk-adjusted opportunity. If you are interested in learning more, email me and I’ll happily share my thoughts when I get back.
  2. I’m getting married here.
  3. We’re honeymooning here:


Lucky I am.

Lightstream (LTS) – When The Market Freaks Out, Rejoice

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Lightstream (which I’ve covered in-depth here and here) reported results last week (here). Included in those results was a downward revision to 2014 production volume, from 44k boe / d to 42k boe / d. The market did not take too kindly to the Company’s lower forecast, sending the stock down 10%.

But the market isn’t paying attention to the right things. And investors that know better should rejoice because acquiring ownership in LTS just became a lot cheaper. It’s a mantra that needs to be hung on every investor’s wall:

When the market freaks out and you know better, rejoice.

To the informed investors of Lightstream, this is what matters:

What’s interesting – and a point the market has clearly ignored – is that funds flow (operating cash flow after interest expense) is still expected to meet guidance. I repeat: there was no change to projected cash flow.

Rightside Group (NAME) – A Quote And A Chart

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A quote and a chart, presented without comment.

With the two million total registration mark approaching for all new gTLDs, uptake for this program has been exceedingly strong overall. Most of our gTLDs have met or beat expectations to date. Internet users are voting with their wallets and their clicks, acclimating to a world in which specific, relevant domains support the development of meaningful online identities.

– Paul Stahura, Donuts co-founder and CEO (source)

gTLD Growth