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                  上海金来邦阀门制造有限公司,股东会下设总经理和监事,总经ω理下设:副总经理、财务部、采购部、销售部、技术部、人力资源※部、生产部、法务部。目前ω 总共有员工83人,其中技术部7人、检测部5人、人力资源部、法务部、生产部、财务部、销售部、采购部等71人。

                  公司通过与国外阀业合作引进其设计制造技术及】管理体系,通过与国内外深入交流和合作,积极引入世界科技,组建了阀门技术研发中心;实力∑ 雄厚的技术研发团队,不断地开发了各大系列的高新技术产品。






                    Founded in 2009, the company is located at No. 158, Lane 1888, Daye Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and sales. The company has strong technical force and complete equipment, which ensures the improvement of product quality by means of scientific management; The company adopts microcomputer network monitoring management, and fully introduces ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety system, TS special equipment production license system and fire CCCF system certification. With the rapid development of jinlaibang, the company introduces a number of advanced production lines. Can produce a variety of standards, a variety of high-quality transmission valve, hundreds of varieties, thousands of specifications. It mainly produces gate valve, butterfly valve, pressure reducing valve, balance valve, check valve, ball valve, globe valve, electric valve, copper valve, compensator and other series products. With optimized design, excellent workmanship, high quality and reliable quality, jinlaibang has won wide praise from all walks of life. It has formed a huge influence in the industry. Its products have won many awards and have been incorporated into the strategic cooperation platform of centralized purchasing by many state-owned enterprise groups!
                    Shanghai jinlaibang Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. always faces the market with a high sense of responsibility and mission, and the market also provides a broad world for the growth of jinlaibang valve. After several years of innovation and development, jinlaibang valve products have been exported to all parts of the country and overseas markets, and have produced certain economic and social benefits, which are welcomed and praised by users from all walks of life. The spirit of jinlaibang is "quality for survival, variety for development, management for efficiency, customer satisfaction and talent for take-off"; Adhering to the tenet of "unity, innovation, integrity", we give back to our customers with AA quality and service. At present, our products are rapidly expanding the market and winning public praise!
                    Only by hard work can we gain, and only by paying can we gain; Jinlaibang people's sails have been raised, and they are marching forward bravely in the unremitting pursuit and continuous exploration to achieve the goal of domestic AA and international AA. Jinlaibang people are not satisfied with yesterday's brilliance, and will look forward to the future in the spirit of pioneering and innovative struggle. Based on honesty and technology, they will create AA quality and AA service purpose, and return to the majority of users, Jointly compose a more magnificent chapter of the golden age! Shanghai jinlaibang valve, an AA brand of comprehensive pipeline system valve integration solutions!